Hello my name is Brian. I am a US based photographer specializing in landscape and travel photography. I say landscape and travel photography, but I don’t like to limit myself to those two areas. I generally will take a photo of anything I see as interesting and artistic. The world is a visually stimulating place. Around every corner lies vast potential to experience artistic expression. Everything we see and come in contact with can basically be seen as an artistic expression. Landscapes, cars, buildings, monuments, and people are all artistic expressions created by somebody or something. I always have a camera with me. I am always ready to capture these moments
Right v/s Left Brained
Being a photographer you would think I would be right brained. Honestly I have never been considered a right brained person. Creativity was not my thing. I was completely comfortable in my own little analytical world of extreme organization and repetitiveness. Don’t get me wrong I have a little right brain residue that shows up every now and then, but for the most part I am left brained. I have tried to rewire myself through conventional means with limited success. Fortunately, I have been saved from my life of boredom by a totally spontaneous last minute trip across the Atlantic.
A life changing journey
In October 2011 it was suggested that I accompany some friends to a soccer game in France. We would be leaving in two weeks. FRANCE!!! Are you freaking kiddin me? I’m not going to France in two weeks. I hadn’t planed for it. It was a nine hour plane ride. I have never left the country. This totally rocked my left braininess. I made every excuse in the book about why I couldn’t go. After being told to quit making excuses and just do it… I did exactly that. I just did it.
The decision to go was easily one of the best decisions I made in my life. It awakened a part of me that I didn’t know existed. My RIGHT BRAIN! I now have a greater appreciation for other cultures. My photography is now enriched by my experiences in diverse environments. I believe when you step outside of your bubble and begin to experience other cultures and societies your artistic expressions will gain character. This trip to France inspired me to take many more trips across the Atlantic in the months that followed. As a direct result of these experiences it is my goal and desire to travel the world, experience different cultures, and document these adventures through photography.
  • Summer in the winter

    Not bad for the second week in January. This shot is from the Four Seasons in Palm Beach, FL. Sunrise from this spot is amazing.

  • Fairmont GRAND DEL MAR

    Here is a shot from inside the pavilion behind the Fairmont GRAND DEL MAR. Lebron James was married here in 2013.

  • The Spiral Staircase

    Here’s a photo of one of the most photographed staircases in the world. It is located in Vatican city and leads from the Vatican Museum down to the street level. The staircase was designed as a double helix: it is made of two intertwined spirals; one leads down the other goes upwards. Its kinda weird to walk up and down these stairs because the steps are of varying widths and lengths and are sloped. You have to pay attention or you could end up at the bottom quicker than desired. Two things are are interesting to me about this photo. First, when I took this photo I didn’t realize how popular this staircase was. I was leaving the Vatican museum and said wow this is interesting and snapped the photo. I also decided to snap a photo from the bottom of the staircase looking up because there is a cool skylight illuminating the stair case. I didn’t realize the popularity of the staircase until months later when I was doing some research. Secondly, it is rare to see this staircase photographed with no one on it. I got lucky. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. - Brian Hardnett

  • Stonehenge

    This photo was taken over 4000 years after this landmark was constructed. If that is not amazing enough for you, these stones, some weighing up to 25 tons, were gathered from between 35 and 200 miles away.

  • Sunrise at The Broadmoor

    5 am is one of the most peaceful times for photography.

  • Tower Bridge

    Here is a photo of Tower Bridge with a splash of color.

  • Hydrangea

    I am thinking about taking a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this weekend. Most likely I will see many variations of the Hydrangea below. Its amazing how people are able to change the color of this flower by adjusting the PH of the soil. #Hydrangea #Atlanta #Flowers #PerusingTheWorld

  • Venetian Fountain

    The lobby of the Venetian is probably one of the best I have seen. This fountain sits a the end of a long corridor that ends at the casino.. This corridor is amazing. It reminds me of something you would see in the Musee du Louvre or dei Musei Vaticani without the history or the character of course.

  • Centennial Park After Dark

    This lucky shot of Centennial Olympic Park was taken on a quiet night just after a thunderstorm. It's rare to get this shot without kids and people congregating around the fountain. This park is a 21 acre public park located in downtown Atlanta. The Fountain of Rings is one of the major highlights of the park. The water and lights interact with built in speakers and music that is played throughout the day, 365 days of the year. The ferris wheel in the back ground is called Skyview Atlanta and happens to be one of the best places to see the city skyline. During the summer Centennial Olympic Park is a major attraction because there are sumnmer concerts, festivals and nearby is the Coca Cola Museum and the Georgia Aquarium.

  • Speeding through the city

    Often when I am traveling down this interstate. I feel as though I am a blur like the light streaks in the photo. I am normally pushing at least 75 mph and at that rate I am barely keeping up with the cars around me. I am not sure if many people take the opportunity to slow down and admire this view.

  • Clouds at the summit

    Here is a photo of Longs Peak and Estes Cone from lily lake.

  • Amphitheatrum Flavium

    I am not really one for making a bucket list, but if I had one, seeing the Colosseum would be close to the top of it. This building was built almost 2000 years ago and it still stands today. This structure makes you rethink your views on what is old. Don't get me wrong the US Capital is a old building. It was built in 1800 thats 214 years ago... 1720 years after the Colosseum. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is really old, When I was there in 2012 it was celebrating 850 years of existence. Construction on it commenced 1083 years after the Colosseum. The Great Pyramid of Giza is really really old. OK I am kidding now!!! The Great Pyramids of Giza are old FOR REAL! They were around 2000 years before the Colosseum, but I think you get my point.

  • Old School Atlanta Skyline

    I remember when this was the full extent of Atlanta's skyline. Pre 90's publications would use this as a representation of Atlanta. Now, this is less than a fourth of Atlanta's skyline. I am constantly searching for new ways to fully represent Atlanta's Skyline.

  • Coming and Going

    I love my city. Atlanta has one of the most beautiful skylines in the country. It's also one of the most difficult skylines to comprehensively display in photography. I love the way interstate 75/85 weaves trough the city. Here is a nice shot of downtown taken just after sunset.